Sunday, June 13, 2021

Flying Around History

Spring and Summer approaching the North Country is always refreshing.

After the long and cold winters it's really great getting to where being outside is enjoyable... I guess unless you like the winter, than I guess that's enjoyable to those people.

Anyway with the coming nice weather has been a coming of events again. As more and more people get vaccinated it is nice to see events being held again. This past Saturday was a big craft brew festival on the base. I was there to see them setting up. Meanwhile volunteers from the Plattsburgh Aircraft Restoration group were busy working on the B47E Pride of the

Today I ventured West to Madrid, NY to the St. Lawrence Power and Equipment Museum to volunteer at Fort Tribute. Fort Tribute is a replica frontier/ Civil War fort being used for education programs about the American Civil War.

Being able to see a place like that from the air really has a new perspective.