Stones by Drone Aerial Imaging

Established May, 2020

Sunset over the Adirondacks at Putnam, NY

I've lived up in the North country all my life and always admired it's beauty and history. While I at first got online as a way to railfan in December 2014 as Champlain Valley Rail Snapshots, I would cover different historical topics from time to time.

Clyde Lewis Air Park, Plattsburgh, NY

Old Post Cemetery, Plattsburgh, NY
2020 brought me into aerial photography with my first drone. I'd watched for years as the technology developed and been interested. This year I got into flying and fell in love. I studied and tested for my Part 107 remote pilot certificate, because I fully realized how much I'd like to be able to share what I photograph and film and because I'd truly like to be able to help out other people.

It was also a great excuse to get out and enjoy being outside, what with what 2020 has been.

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Uptown Plattsburgh

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