Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Of Supermoons and Mexican Railroad Locomotives

Yesterday was quite a day. The railroad, the former D&H owned by the Canadian Pacific in North Eastern  New York had a special visitor. FXE 4054 an engine from the Mexican railroad Ferromex that passed through on an ethanol train. It had to travel from Mexico into the US end up part of an ethanol train heading through Canada and back into the US on its way to the port of Albany.

So part of the day was spent chasing that amidst our grand Adirondack scenery.

To close out the day I went to see the pink supermoon as it rose over Lake Champlain, while taking in the breathtaking sunset opposite.

While watching the sunset I struck up a conversation with another spectator about drones and photography. We ended up being joined by another person I knew and talked for quite awhile in the fading light. It was almost like the old times.

Friday, April 23, 2021

A Snowy Spring Day!

Plattsburgh Barracks Veterans Park

Original Barracks Flagpole

 The first day of Spring was a few weeks ago... but our unpredictable North Country weather didn't know that.

Not two weeks ago we had a day where temperatures were in the 70's, over the last week there was a sharp decline which led to some snow over the course of a couple days, with yesterday being a cold, blustery and snowy day.

US Oval
Still this amounted to just a real dusting and by today it was mostly gone. Last night I drove by the cemetery in Saranac and most of the snow was gone.

Gazebo on US Oval

Today it is a sunny, bright still blustery, but much warmer day.

US Fort Brown

Clyde Lewis Air Park
Clyde Lewis Air Park

Saranac Indepence Cemetery
Saranac Independence Cemetery