Friday, April 23, 2021

A Snowy Spring Day!

Plattsburgh Barracks Veterans Park

Original Barracks Flagpole

 The first day of Spring was a few weeks ago... but our unpredictable North Country weather didn't know that.

Not two weeks ago we had a day where temperatures were in the 70's, over the last week there was a sharp decline which led to some snow over the course of a couple days, with yesterday being a cold, blustery and snowy day.

US Oval
Still this amounted to just a real dusting and by today it was mostly gone. Last night I drove by the cemetery in Saranac and most of the snow was gone.

Gazebo on US Oval

Today it is a sunny, bright still blustery, but much warmer day.

US Fort Brown

Clyde Lewis Air Park
Clyde Lewis Air Park

Saranac Indepence Cemetery
Saranac Independence Cemetery

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